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Castor Seeds
Castor seeds are housed with a numerous attributes such as reduction of skin inflammation, dissolving cysts, abscesses and more. These are also used for processing lubricating oils, paints and varnishes. Castor seeds are also ideal for softening the skin and providing moisturization. 

Crop Seeds
Crop seeds are widely utilized for propagating pasture grass, cereals, legumes, forest trees etc. These are also appreciated for feeding livestock, textile & paper, decoration and food. Crop seeds are free from adulteration and properly washed & cleaned before the packaging. 

Grain Seeds
Grain seeds are highly nutritive, easy to consume and digest. These are usually aid in making flour, chapatis, rice and more. Grain seeds are also utilized for preparing dosas, idli, vada and various south Indian cuisines. Our offered products are known for purity and maximum nutrition. 

Spices Seeds
Spices seeds are known for adding flavours to Indian cuisines. These are also great for adding soothing and tempting aroma to the dishes. Spices seeds reducebad cholesterol levels and maintain blood sugar levels. The said products are enriched with vitamin B, fibre and other minerals. 

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